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EXCLUSIVE HAIR CARE SALON believes in the health of your hair. Exclusive Hair Care Salon and Spa has been in business over 16 years, which started in Toronto, Canada and afterward moved to Fort Lauder dale Florida. Exclusive Hair Care takes pride in being one of the top salons that caters to professional independent stylists who take pride in their work. With the luxury of private rooms for stylists, high vaulted ceilings and professional product lines, clients feel comfortable as soon as they walk in. Our expert staff is fully capable of bringing any style desired to life, while giving your hair the care needed to grow healthy and strong. We know how hard you work and how precious your time is, so call for an appointment today. You will not be disappointed or sitting around all day like other salons. Exclusive Hair Care knows every head of hair is not all the same texture and cannot be analyzed by the color of your skin. We design specific formulas for straightening, color treatments and extensions for all types of hair, curly , straight, kinky, European or Asian; we do it all with class and flare. Call now for a free consultation and referral to the best staff member to suit your needs
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